Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's the little things

that I've been working on. I only have a little time too - I still need to wash bottles before bed.

We had a little bit of a cold snap and it turns out El is getting big. Her newborn hats that seemed giant were just fitting and her sweater? The one that she swam in on the way home from the hospital? Well, it didn't reach her waist anymore.

I finished off the skein of Socks That Rock heavyweight and made a new little hat. I had to stretch the yarn with some stripes of yellow.

4x4 rib hat

And for La's soccer games, I decided she needed a "Florida Hat" (my grandpa is bald. we would send him these cotton fedoras from Kmart and he called them Florida Hats and would wear them when he was out in the sun). Similarly El's hair is very thin (I hesitate to call her bald, but some might say that she is) This is El's new Florida Hat. It's Bernat Cottontots that I've had for a while. Was very easy to make - very similar in concept to Lilly I cast on 2x the stitches that the hat required. Joined in the round and knit 5 rounds. Then K2Tog for a whole round. Then continued to knit as though I were making a baby hat (eg. knit for a good number of inches then begin decreases). I used N, S, E, W raglan decreases, I think, but sprial or spokes would have worked fine too.

Florida Hat

Also in the small department, small shoes. These are from the stardustshoes cloth shoe pattern. They were pretty straightforward but I don't think I did the toe right (but it's good enough for a first draft).

I used an impulse buy fat quarter that I had lying around and leftover flannel from my flannel pants problem that I had this summer.

cloth shoes

Cloth shoes - up and down

Next up? I'm working on a baby hat for a friend due in May - modeled after the Cotton Stria Stripes hat in Itty Bitty Hats. I cut out some wee bunnies for the girls' Easter baskets.

I'm having an Easter Dress moment - I found out that we're planning to go to church on Easter. When my sister and I were kids, my mom would sew us Easter dresses - it was a big production where we picked out patterns and fabric and my mom would sew her heart out. And we would have fabuous Easter dresses. Sometimes long ones. Sometimes with a pinafore. It's really hard not to start rummaging through my patterns and try to whip something up for one or both girls for Sunday. I bought material to make a spring dress for La. I might just take a look to see if I have a straightforward looking patten with a twirly skirt in her size. No pressure or anything.

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StarzAbove said...

Hats are cute - baby is GORGEOUS!