Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Table Scraps

I totally meant to blog this sooner, but you know....

One evening, when I should probably have been doing something else, I made this:
Table Scraps

I had read about crumb piecing and really wanted to try it. I think it's probably about 18x18" and will become a doll quilt for La. It literally was made of "table scraps" - the blue fish and blue circles were leftover from shorts for La, the fruit salad from the cloth shoes for El, and the blue calico and the blue-blue bubbles were from the Wee Bunnies that I made for the girls' Easter baskets, and they were all sitting on the dining room table next to my sewing machine. I think I'll add a border in the wiggly stripes that were the outside of the cloth shoes.

Here are the bunnies for the girls:
Wee Bunnies bunny fanny The pattern was simple, concpetually. However, more precise sewing skills would have made them a little less eccentric.

Let's see....what else have we been up to?

Working on the switcheroo still. We've (and by WE, I mean DH) got the floor done in the monkey's room. His dresser is moved in and it's already kind of a mess. In the girls' room, we have the unassembled crib. Yesterday I put together the pack and play and El spent her first night "away from home". Her bassinet is still in our room and it's weird to walk by it when we know she's sleeping and not see her there. DH got home from a quick trip to the office yesterday, told him that El was sleeping. He walked into our room and called out, "Where's the baby?" It's sort of making me sad in a last baby milestone sort of way. Since the photos were taken, I've sewn a string of pennant for La and El's room and the curtains for the boy's. The still need to be hung up. Oh, and La and El have a Flor area rug. And the boy has some samples from Flor to consider for his. Next Sunday? A trip to Ikea to pick up a loft bed for him.

Room for the Crib! Floor! (L to R: Hers, His)

Oh, and did you come here for Knitting? pshaw. Well, I did finish a baby hat for our old neighbor who is having a little girl this summer.

baby hat It's based on a pattern from Itty Bitty Hats, made from that Elann yarn that is cotton with elastic. I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's sort of wonky, but I like the old-fashionedness about it.

Also, hopefully soon I'll be done with El's knit blankie.

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