Sunday, September 28, 2008

How is it almost October already?

Kindergarten is good. High school looks like it'll be good (this is a nice change). The baby room is starting to be a small pond. Soccer is underway. The Boy Scouts are wrapping up their first camp out of the school year - the council camporee. I'm thinking about making this quiche for lunch. Only with broccoli instead of spinach - I couldn't reach it at the store, and adding in some leftover rotisserie chicken. Won't the boys be glad?

The beach blanket for my sister was a big hit. And bringing El to the soccer games, I felt like I needed something to sit on there. Not a folding chair - because of El. She's mobile, and having to wrestle her to stay in my lap didn't sound like that much fun. But she's not big enough for her own chair.

This is the top. Although it doesn't really matter that much, I guess. This is what I'm calling a "no cut" quilt. I took leftovers and never-used, figured out if any of their dimensions matched up at all (like fat quarters usually had one side that was pretty close, and the whole pieces had about the same width) and sewed together stuff that matched. Then when the proportions were all wrong, I sewed stuff on to the other side. I winged it and I think it worked. Then I sewed it into a loop - the green strip of the plaid onto the left edge of the top. Closed up one of the long sides and most of the other, turned it right side out and closed up the small open part. There you have it. It's sort of got a lot to look at - which is pretty entertaining for the 9 month old.

Soccer Quilt - Top

This side is the bottom. The green plaid is two king sized pillow cases from Big Lots that I unsewed, washed, then sewed together. It's hard to find sheets by themselves (new) anymore. My favorite thrift store closed, and am not that great at getting to my less favorite ones. The chickens were just a fat quarter that I liked, the baseball kids were supposed to be for hooded towels quite a while ago (sorry Andy). Most of the others are leftovers from the watercolor quilt.

Soccer Quilt - bottom

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