Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Socks and More Socks!

I finished some socks. First, these "Life's a Beach" colorway from Cherry Tree Hill. Just a basic 60-stitch stockinette sock, but my best-fitting ones ever. I went down a needle size. Fabulous. Have moved from thinking of them as the "tarnish" socks to the "verdigris" socks, as I've come to like them more. The color is truer in the baseball picture.
Life's a Beach.

Next, I've finished these Lucy socks. They must be medium weight STR. They knit up very quickly. Knitting these, I discovered that El has a "merino problem"- she really likes to touch yarn. These are a little bit wonky, but nice.

More Socks.  Lucy

I've started knitting these for the monkey. It's Trekking color 20. It sort of reminds me of granite.

Finally, not socks, but from sock yarn. I let El pick between the two skeins of Socks that Rock I had left in my stash. She picked Henpecked. I think this must be lightweight - it's much finer than the Lucy. I'm making her somehting that I've been calling, "something nice to touch." It's a lot like a dishcloth - seed stitch border, stockinette interior.

Something nice to touch

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