Thursday, October 02, 2008

On the sewing list

Someone has co-opted one of my flowery grocery bags to use for toting around a D&D game. . I thought making them flowery would help prevent walk-offs like that. Guess not. So, here we have a grocery bag for everyone else. None for me - I have a whole set already. These follow the Burda Charlie pattern. The brownish-gold and dark green are rip-stop nylon that I got for $1/yard from W*l-M*rt. Unfortunately, one was probably 60" wide and the other was more of a 45", so not quite enough to get 2 bags out of them. But this way the boys can tell theirs apart.

Grocery Bags for All

And! An experiment with a 6-gore skirt for La. We'll see how it goes - if it works, if she'll wear it, etc. She was unenthusiastic about it, but it was mostly an exercise for me anyway.

6-gore Skirt for La

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