Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fun Things to Do with Dad

The Monkey and La didn't have school last Thursday. El doesn't have school Monday. I'm taking Monday, DH took last Thursday. (I took the Tuesday not long before. La and I went to Disney's Hollywood Studios and rode Toy Story Mania a couple times. It was a 3 on the crowd calendar. Fabulous.) I had promised La, in a weak moment that she could come to work with me Thursday, then DH and I set up the plan. This is the list of fun things that I presented to La....I'm giving it to you all, just in case you are looking for something fun to do on a school day.

Go to the playground at school.
Go to the park.
The library
Lunch with the other parent
Monkey Joes (indoor playplace with big inflatable slides/bouncehouses, etc.)
Go to the movies
Go to Disney World (OK. This isn't on everyone's list.)
Watch the movie from Netflix.
Go Swimming at the Y
Ride bikes
Go fishing

The ended up having fun - they had lunch with me, DH and La went to one movie, the monkey and his friend went to another, they had a squirt gun fight in the morning (La's addition to the list).

I'm hoping my day home with El tomorrow results in a good dent in her Halloween costume and a Girl Scout uniform for La.

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