Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kindergarten Turkey Project
From our turkeys to yours.....

Notes from this Thanksgiving (so I can remember them):

1. One regular sized can of pumpkin (12 or 15 oz?) and one 12 oz can of evaporated milk (not sweetened condensed. If there are two similar choices for something, I always get them mixed up - baking powder/baking soda, greater than/less than symbols, evaporated milk/sweetened condensed milk, etc.)

2. However, if I'm making two pumpkin pies, I still need to make them sequentially - the mixing bowl is only big enough for one at a time.

3. It's probably worth the effort to get the food processor dirty and use it for making a graham cracker crust. Otherwise it's hard to get all of the crumbs really, really small.

4. For 2 regular-dish pie pans, two cello-packs (2/3 box) of graham crackers is probably the right amount to get it all the way up the sides. Don't be cheap with the graham crackers.

5. Johnathan and Rome apples work OK in the pie, if you can't find the ida reds. My usual combo is Rome and Ida Red.

6. Move the rack down to the 2nd from bottom for the apple pies. The tops got a little too dark.
Lots of good stuff to come this week: fuzzy feet finished, assessing the quilt situation, probably more.

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