Saturday, November 29, 2008

This is not what I recall.

After thinking about it when I was posting about the Fuzzy Feet, I went back and got the quilts in progress for the Monkey and for El. In my mind....the tops were both almost done and done, respectively. In reality, though, there was not as much quilt as I remembered. The goal for each is something about the same size as La's. 3'x7'ish? I last blogged about the two in June 2007. Ugh.

For El:
El's quilt
What I've got done is great for a toddler sized bed. Which, might have been what I was thinking of at the time. But I think I'm really imagining a twin size quilt. La and I went out and bought more fat quarters that coordinate. I think I need to make about 3 more strips to really make it the way I want it to be. I'm planning to make the strips, then rip some seams in the quilt, insert the new ones and resew.

For the Monkey:
I was sure his was almost done.
approx arrangment
In real life, it's about half done.
Trying on the monkey quilt for size
I was planning to put yellow sashings in between the blocks. I tried just putting the blocks on the yellow fabric to simulate. It's really swimmy. And it messes up the flow of the diagonal stripes. more squares.

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