Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Radio Silence

Sorry for the radio silence. I've been doing stuff, just not talking about it.

Wanna see?

1. I'm working on socks for La. It's the RPM pattern from Knitty. Only, knit across 52 stitches, so the pattern is 3 purl + 9 knit. The yarn is Claudia Hand Paint in Tranquility. La picked it out. Hopefully there will be enough left for mittens for her. They might end up being either fingerless mitts OR having part of it in another yarn.

Sock for La
2. I'm working on socks for the Monkey (don't tell. They're a surprise.) It's in some trekking that I've had for a while. Mostly knitting it at work (don't tell). In All Hands meetings or crazy-long conference calls. First sock is down to the toe.


3. I made new strips for El's quilt. I think the next step is to cut some of the pink strips, then take apart the other quilt, sew some of the leftover new rectangles to widen it, and reassemble.
I'm thinking of patching together some of her old receiveing blankets for the back.

El's quilt

4. I am working on a scarf for the Monkey. It's much farther than this. It's pretty entertaining. Great for putting the girls to sleep. Not as good for travelling.
Monkey Scarf

5. I sewed up the strips I was saving to make a doll blanket for El. Not sure what to do with it next - cut them into stacked coins, add a solid color and make it a throw? Make it a strange shaped quilt? I have some dog fabric I want to use for the back.

doll quilt top

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