Friday, March 20, 2009

A tale of two sweaters

1. It was the best of times:

Sweater for El I've been working on this sweater for El for next winter. The pattern is "Swing Thing" and it's delightful. I guess it's an old Mag Knits pattern. It's a seamless yoke cardigan, and I think it uses slingshot acceleration or something. Good stuff. The yarn is Lionbrand Cotton-Ease, a Christmas gift from my Aunt Marilyn.

2. It was the worst of times.

sweater for DH Last weekend I had some quiet time (and no sewing machine) so I finally figured out the saddles. Really neat. There's a whole best of times/worst of times just with this sweater. Had DH try it on. Too small. It fit him like he was a teenage girl, and I do not think that is the look he is trying to acheive. It was too small for the monkey too. So, I'll finish the pits when I get to it, bathe it, and hang on to it just in case. Not going to knit a sweater for DH anytime soon.

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