Monday, June 15, 2009

Breaking in the new machine

Dude. I really like my new sewing machine. So far, I've made....a smallish quilt top, 3 pairs of elastic PJ pants (2 for El, 1 for La), a nightgown for myself, and a small "whole cloth" quilt. You know, just to try it out.
Whole cloth quilt Back of the Whole Cloth Quilt
Oh, and I finished the 9 flannel baby blankets I had queued up. And piecing El's quilt top. And putting together the coordinating doll blanket. And sewing patches onto DH's new Boy Scout uniform (You can never have too many).
Doll Quilt for El Doll Quilt Back for El

And I had this old quilting swatch laying around. I added a zipper and sewed up the sides to make a pouch. I used the wrong kid of zipper - this one is like the ones you would use in a hooded sweatshirt. It comes apart at the end. But you know, whatever.

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