Monday, July 12, 2010

10 on Tuesday - 10 things I like about where I live

1. When we were away last week, on one of our "car nap" adventures, we saw the
juxtaposition of orange groves and rockets - there are retired orange groves
right outside Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island.

2. I like being able to see shuttle launches by just going outside.

3. I like where our house is - I like our elementary school, that it's a part
of our neighborhood and that with time, our corner of suburbia starts to feel
like a neighborhood.

4. I like the services available. The boy is spending a week at Shakespeare
camp in July. There are almost too many sports or lessons to choose from.

5. I like that we can drive by cows on the way home from most places, and that
all of the cows are within a mile of our house. This is a big feature for the 2
year old.

6. I like that in the summer there are 3 nearby pools to choose from with our Y

7. I like that we're close enough to go to Disney for the afternoon.

8. I like the people we know here. We don't have much family in the city, so
I'm thankful for the friends we've made.

9. I like that strawberries and corn are in season early here. :)

10. I like the diversity of my city.

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Thea said...

Wow, you've made me jealous of where you live! We do get cows here, Highland cattle mostly, but never any corn.