Tuesday, July 06, 2010

10 on Tuesday - 10 ways to have summer fun....

Here's the irony: I'm busy having summer fun, so only got to this at 10 pm on Tuesday.

Here's my 10:

1. Go to the beach (it's about an hour from my house. We are kind of having a "staycation" at a hotel on the beach)

2. Swim at the pool (this is how we use our YMCA membership, mostly. )

3. Sprinklers (before we had a Y membership.... Still fun.)

4. Popsicles. On the front porch. Those tubes of frozen stuff (frozen go-gurt or fla-vor-ice) count too. But the kids enjoy helping come up with new concoctions.

5. Ice cream truck. (this one is kind of a gamble though, and you have to take it as kismet if he comes by when you're home.)

6. Reading and the library. They've always got a summer reading program going.

7. The movies. I used to work at a theater during the summer when I was in college. Seeing a movie for free kind of gives you a new scale for how good a movie is (e.g. not bad for free, but I wouldn't pay my own money for it.)

8. Netflix. The kids seem to be working through their queues pretty quickly. The two big kids each have their own queues. It works out pretty well.

9. Visiting family. Most of our vacations as kids involved visiting far away relatives (and spending time floating in their pools and eating food from the grill). This summer, I had dinner with my cousin who lives far away while she was on her honeymoon, we're going to see my sister while she's in town this week, and La and DH are going on a FDCCA (father-daughter-cross-country-adventure) next week (!) where they're flying to Portland for a wedding. Oh, and we went to DH's high school reunion. That seems like it would count too.

10. Having adventures. There's just something about summer that makes it not only possible, but likely.

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