Saturday, February 12, 2011


Recently, I made 4 hats for my sister's family.  They're heading to upstate NY to see snow next week and had a chapeau situation.  I made the fleece hats that I made before for Christmas a few years ago.  Super easy.  Also made a couple for the monkey-girls.

Fleece Hats

Recently, I went to camping training so that I would be qualified to take my Brownie troop tent camping.  I learned to make this knot (it might be a clove hitch).

Clove hitch?

One of the things I learned in that training was that I needed a new hat.  This one is the "rib-a-roni" (ravelry) pattern.  I'm thinking of making another one of these for my Brother in Law.

Ribaroni Hat

But also, I learned that I should have a washable wool hat!  So I started this one - a hurricane hat (ravelry).  I'm thinking of making another one for my representative for Warm Hats not Hot Heads

Hurricane Hat

Oh, yes, and this.  I recently picked up 98 cases of Girl Scout cookies and passed them out to my troop. 

Girl Scout cookies

Friday, February 04, 2011

projects projects projects

It seems like (a)I haven't finished much in a long time and (b)I don't have much time to do good crafting. 
But here's a run-down on the latest.  I may add pictures later.  Or I may reblog some of the things.  We'll see.

1.Here's what we have in work -
-10 tent bags for DH's Boy Scout Troop.  2 done; 8 to go.  Ripstop nylon.  Blurgh.
-sweater for my new baby cousin.  I have a few more rows of the back, and the left side/sleeve to do.
-socks for my sister - I'm about 2/3 done with the first one.
-washable hat for me - I'm about 1/2 way done with it.
-quilt made from a fat quarter pack I got for Christmas.  It's underway - I'm at a point where I need to iron and make decisions.
2.  Here's what's coming up -
-hats for my sister's family.  Fleece and knit.  Maybe scarves too.  Maybe mittens for the boys.
-new pocketbook for me (a CraftApple pattern I got for Christmas). I have material, but haven't started sewing it.
-I also bought some nice flannel with bicycles today to make PJ pants for me and the girls.
-Oh, and  I bought some felt to try to make a valentines project like this one.

3.  I finished these and I don't think they made it to the blog yet.
-A new hat for me.
-That crazy rainbow hat for El.
-A fat-quarter quilt for my new baby cousin.  La started this and I finished it.