Saturday, February 12, 2011


Recently, I made 4 hats for my sister's family.  They're heading to upstate NY to see snow next week and had a chapeau situation.  I made the fleece hats that I made before for Christmas a few years ago.  Super easy.  Also made a couple for the monkey-girls.

Fleece Hats

Recently, I went to camping training so that I would be qualified to take my Brownie troop tent camping.  I learned to make this knot (it might be a clove hitch).

Clove hitch?

One of the things I learned in that training was that I needed a new hat.  This one is the "rib-a-roni" (ravelry) pattern.  I'm thinking of making another one of these for my Brother in Law.

Ribaroni Hat

But also, I learned that I should have a washable wool hat!  So I started this one - a hurricane hat (ravelry).  I'm thinking of making another one for my representative for Warm Hats not Hot Heads

Hurricane Hat

Oh, yes, and this.  I recently picked up 98 cases of Girl Scout cookies and passed them out to my troop. 

Girl Scout cookies

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