Thursday, July 14, 2011

What I did on my summer vacation: Sewing

My husband is at Boy Scout Camp with his troop this week.  So I took off work and am spending time with the monkeys.  We have done a lot of random fun (cheap) stuff, it's been a quiet week around the house.  We've done things like practice driving, have breakfast at Bagel King (and lunch at Ikea), swim at the Y, go to Costco.  You know.  The stuff that vacations are made of.  :-S  While we've been home, I've been sewing.  Lots of imprecise sewing.
1.  I made this dress for El.  It's based on the Weekend Sewing Flower Girl Dress.  That pattern works much better if you think of it as a tutorial and not a pattern as such.  The fabric is some linen-ish stuff I got from Joann's.  The embroidered flowers felt itchy so I lined it with some quilting cotton.  (Yay for stash!)

2.  I made a new curtain for the bathroom window.  Also a new shower curtain.  It's indoor/outdoor home-dec weight fabric, so I think it'll hold up better than what was there. 
windowshower curtain
3.  I finished this quilt that I started a few years ago (in 2009!). 
Finished Kaffee quilt!

I tried free motion quilting for the first time (you can really tell the difference between the first and the last block. However, it's still not real fabulous.) The whole quilt is on the delightfully wonky side, so it was probably a good one to try it with. I really need a walking foot for my sewing machine.  
free motion quilting
This is the backing fabric.  I bought it for something else orginally and it worked nicely for this.
backing fabric and binding

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