Monday, July 04, 2011

T-Shirt Fun

For Father's Day, the girls and I made shirts for my dad and their dad.  We went with standard freezer paper stencils.  A GPS satellite symbol for my husband, a 4-function calculator for my dad.  This was not a well photographed project, but it was standard freezer paper fare.  We've done it before.  Looks like I must have internalized some of the lessons learned (yay!)  This time I printed the picture on regular paper and then used masking tape to attach the print out to the freezer paper and just cut it out of both layers at the same time.  Centering the image on the freezer paper would still be a good idea.  We got our images at The Noun Project and put them in a Word document, expanding the picture until it took up most of a sheet of paper.  Not fancy.
But.  This is what we did for La and El.  They watch certain shows where the main characters wear shirts with somewhat random words.  We made those for the girls. 

First, El (the 3 year old) picked out these words for her shirt:
E's iron on shirt

Then La was disappointed that we no longer had the right letters to spell "CUTE".  So we used the thesaurus and came up with this:

A's iron on shirt

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