Sunday, November 20, 2011

Super FO!

I finished my (seemingly) year long project!  So, most of these things were all either WIP or not started when last I mentioned this project.  I've been making a hat and scarf for my sister, her husband and their two boys.  I found a post from March where I first mentioned it.

1.  A hat for my BIL.  Jaques Cousteau.  I really like it.  It seems kind of big, but I think it's probably good. 
Hat for Rob
2.  The scarf for Robby.  Cascade 220 superwash quatro, 2x2 rib, 32 stitces across.
hat and scarf, finished
3.  The scarf for Andy.  Cascade 220 superwash, 2x2 rib, 32 stitches across. 
Scarf for Andy
4.  The hat for Robby.  Similar to the Jacques Cousteau, but knit on 72 stitches with 3x3 rib.
Hat for Robby
5.  The hat for Becky.  Similar to Turn A Square.  I should have read the pattern - I didn't realize it was free until I was trying to figure out the decreases.  Also, lesson learned:  Do not cast on a multiple of 13 for a hat.  It really limits your rib and decrease options.
Hat for Becks

I'm at the part where I have two socks on the needles that I'm working on, but nothing meaty.  Not sure what to do next, but there are babies, so there may be hats.  :-)

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