Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I've been knitting... Go figure.

1.  I finished the pair of "on the go" stockinette socks.  They are some sort of regular old workhorse sock yarn - Regia maybe?  Stashy.  I love them a lot.  Also:  the stripes match perfectly.  That never happens in real life.  I started them April 2011 and finished them in January 2012.  Things go a lot faster when you actually knit them. 
2.  My next pair of just regular on the go stockinette socks are these.  They are another regia - Galaxy - Saturn.  They are splotchy (apparently by design), but I love the colors.  And the yarn itself feels a little bit squishy to knit, but not too much.  I'm on the second sock already - started them in January.SaturnSocks
3.  Also in January, I started a sweater for El.  Her arms grew a lot since her pink sweater (ravelry).  She picked out Cascade 220 Superwash paints that I had leftover from my sister's scarf and hat.  I only had one skein and a small ball left.  El now takes more than 220 yards of worsted weight yarn for a sweater.  I had to order another skein to do the second sleeve, button bands and seaming (I knit the sleeves flat).  4yo Sweater for ElEllie's New Sweater

4.  I knit coffee cozies for my team at work.  I brought one in to my team meeting and they went nuts about it.  It took about a weekend of semi-dedicated knitting.  They're out of miscellaneous wool leftovers and/or stash.  The kids thought they were wrist bands.
Coffee Cozies
5.  I have this zauberball sock going on too. It is delightfully Lilly Pulitzer in color scheme.  Which, frankly, someone needs to partner with them to come up with sock yarn colors.  :-)  There might be nothing like Palm Beach inspired wool.

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