Friday, April 06, 2012

Finish, Frog, and Slog

Inispired by the DoubleKnit podcast, I picked up this blanket and decided to finish it.  This picture is from February 2009.  It was further along than that when I restarted it in the beginning of the year - almost halfway done and was kind of a tangled mess and had splotches where stuff had spilled on it, etc. 
another fuzzy blanket
The premise is that I was using up the leftover fuzzy yarn from this blanket that I made for La, my older daughter.
 "Couch Blanket" for La
By the time I finished the one for La, El was old enough to ask for a blanket too.  And she did.  So, I started this dishcloth blanket for her.  It got to the point, almost halfway through where you keep hoping that you're on the downhill side, but no, you're still not.  Enter the DoubleKnit podcast - they mentioned a finish, frog, and slog-a-long and it seemed like a good goal to finish my two longest running works in progress this year.  So, I parked this project in the living room, near the TV.  It's the kind of thing that is easy to knit while you're keeping someone company.  Eventually, it was finished.  Approximately three years after I started it.  I still have not woven in the ends.  I'm counting on the super tanglablity of the yarns to hold it together.  I just threw it in the wash, and folded it and put it in the pile of blankets in the girls' room.  A few nights ago El complained that none of her blankets were "soft".  Patently untrue.  But I offered her this new knit blanket and she took it and has been sleeping with it since.
El's new blanket

The next project that I picked up is the Shetland Triangle Scarf from Wrap Style.  Looks like I started it in 2006.

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