Monday, April 09, 2012

Sock Stand Up Meeting

Three questions:  What did you do today?  What are you doing tomorrow?  What is blocking you?  The one closest to the door starts.

1.  Zauberball:  First try was toe-up.  Got the heel done.  It did not match where my actual heel lives on my foot.  Ripped and eventually started over as a standard 64 stitch stockinette sock (the usual).  I have a ball of Trekking sitting next to it, just to keep it in line.  I really like the second try better.
 pinkSockpinksock1 - Redo

2.  Regia socks - galaxy.  Saturn?  Phoebe?  I fiinished these in the car ride last weekend.  They are great.  Apparently, they fit with my standard palette.  They may blend in with my surroundings so much that I'll never find them again. 
Moons of Jupiter socks

3.  Started these socks at the orthodontist, waiting for La toget spacers.  64 stitch (I almost wrote 64 bit) standard socks.  Patons' Kroy of some sort.
traveling socks 


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