Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Qualified Pinterest Success

A week or two ago, I pinned a project for making hand towels that button over the stove handle.  We have a problem where the towels always seem to fall off the stove.  Then they're dirty.  (of course they weren't clean-clean to start with.  but.  you know.)  So, I saw this pin.  It was perfect (and the key to a popular pin, well photographed).

When I was at the large, member's only whole sale club, I found a bundle of hand towels.  A pack of 10.  [it turns out, I could have picked up one or two at a big box discount store] I printed out the tutorial, linked through from the Pin.  Read her tutorial.  It's good.  I only read the directions on the pattern template. 

The towels I bought were a slightly different dimension than the ones in the tutorial.  They were wider.  I cut the template so that it was the whole width of the paper(8 1/2") and then cut a different angle to get to the tab section.  I used stash fabric for the hangers.  I only cut four.  I can always make more. 

I didn't really follow the assembly directions.  (surprise!)  By the time I got to the fourth one, I think I got a method that worked for me.  The tutorial has you insert the gathered towel into the assembled hanger and top stitch it closed. If you look at the pictures, it makes sense and looks doable, but I didn't do it that way.

I'm going to have to photograph the steps and show them later.  But, here's what I've got!  They are not perfect, but they will do the job and (I hope) stay put together.

hanging towels

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