Sunday, November 04, 2012

Voting (non-partisan)

Yesterday was the last day of early voting in Florida.  I took the Monkey to vote - he's 18 now.  It was his first time voting (he skipped the primaries).

I may need to get a phone that broadcasts into the ether since my husband seemed non-plussed by the play by play that I was texting him.  So, I will share it with you.  :)

Voting was at our branch of the library and we had books that were due, so we combined trips.  I dropped him at the end of the line, which was around the building, diagonally opposite of the door they were using for voting and then went inside to return the books and pick up something for him to read.  I brought my knitting.
When I came out, I saw that he was standing right in front of a family friend and neither had realized it.

12:51:  Long line to vote.  Pete is in line behind Josh.  (I had been in the line for probably 10 minutes at this point)

1:32:  Still in line.  Voting is not for the faint of heart.

1:44:  After waiting at least an hour to exercise his 15th amendment rights.  Made it to the front of the lib.

Around here, Josh asks how long the line was when we voted last Sunday.  I show him the tree that is on the same side of the building as the door to enter.

1:51:  If Jeremiah's set up a stand here, they could make some cash money.

2:03:  A teacher from La's school is in line in front of us.  (She was about 7 people up and teachers look a lot different when they are dressed in their playclothes.  I realized that it was someone who looked familiar from her school when I saw the PTA president say hi.)

3:04:  I received a call from my daughters asking when I was going to be home and got the impression that my text updates from the experience were not improving his afternoon, so I don't really have more time-stamps. I think Josh entered the building around 3:20-3:30 and we were back home again at 4, where I dropped Josh off and headed out to a birthday party for one of El's friends from school.

Pete's middle kid is about the same age as Josh.  As his older two have gone off to college, he's been reminding them to periodically call their grandmother.  He checked in with his older kids and both forgot to do an absentee ballot but they remembered to call their grandmother.

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