Wednesday, December 05, 2012

How I Make Socks

This is the sock recipe I use when making a standard stockinette sock for me.  It's evolved over time (and will probably continue to evolve.)  It's adapted from many sources and is probably similar to many stockinette socks.

64-stitch stockinette

0.  These directions assume: about 100g (440 yards) of fingering, sock or "Super Fine 1" weight yarn [for example:  Paton's Kroy, Regia, Trekking XXL] and 2.25mm/ US 1 needles.

1.  CO 64 stitches across 4 DPN.  Use a smaller than recommended needle to get a tight gauge.  This way you can't feel the individual stitches when you are wearing the socks.

2.  Knit 10 rounds of K4P4 rib. 

3.  Knit about 30-40 rounds of stockinette.

4.  Heel Flap:  On 1st half of the stitches, knit back and forth these two rows, 12-13 times each:
*Slip 1 K1*
Slip 1, Purl across.

5.  Turing the heel. [I'm going to have to revisit this the next time I turn a heel.  ]
  • knit 24 stitches.  k2tog OR slip 1, knit 1, PSSO.   [turn work]
  • slip 1, purl 16 stitches.  P2tog. [turn work]
  • slip 1, knit 16 stitches decrease 1. [turn work]
  • repeat the last two rows until there are 18 stitches remaining, last decrease row will be a purl side row.
6.  start of the round is the center of the heel stitches.  Start the round of knitting, pick up and knit heel flap stitches as you come to them. 

7.  Knit one plain round.  Arrange your knitting so that you have the two top of the foot needles with 16 stitches on each.  Bottom of the foot should be divided evenly across the other two needles, centered on the bottom center of the sock.  Bottom of the sock will be called Needles 1 and 4.

8.  Gusset decreases: 
Round 1:
  • Needle 1:  knit to 3 before end of needle, k2tog k1.
  • Needle 2:  knit plain
  • Needle 3:  knit plain
  • Needle 4:  Knit 1, slip 1, knit 1, psso, knit the rest.
Round 2:
Knit plain.
Do these decreases until you have 16 stitches on each needle. 

9.  Knit foot plain until it comes up to where your thumb toe joins your foot.

10.  Toe decreases.  Same numbering convention as in the gusset decreases.

Round 1:
  • Needle 1:  Knit to 3 before the end of needle, k2 tog k1.
  • Needle 2:  knit 1, slip 1, knit 1, psso, knit the rest.
  • Needle 3:  Knit to 3 before the end of needle, k2tog, k1.
  • Needle 4:  Knit 1, slip 1, knit 1, psso.  knit the rest.
Round 2:  Knit plain.

Do these until the toe is long enough.  There could be as many as 7 stitches left on each needle or as few as 4.  Graft toe closed.

11.  Knit another sock just like the first one.


Mamma in Maine said...

What size needles, and gauge of yarn do you use? This seems simple to me, so I might use it for my first try at socks!

Anonymous said...

I modified this recipe slightly to make my first sock, thanks so much! It was a little funky since I am knitting on circular's using the magic loop method.