Thursday, February 20, 2014


It is spring.  That means cookies.  Tracking sales in Excel.  Setting up booths.  Sending out reminder emails.  Plus keeping up with the usual stuff...meetings, basketball (it is soccer's off season), etc.

I've gotten a bunch of knitting done.  Here's a quick run-through.

1.  I finished these socks. Brach's Socks

They are my usual 64 stitch stockinette socks.  It's Trekking in the "Brach's" colorway from deep in the stash.  This was souvenir yarn from the Alaska cruise we took when La was 3.  We went to her middle school open house this week.

2.  This is a sweater I made for El.
In Three's sweater, but with sleeves

It is the "In Threes" pattern in Cascade 220 Superwash.  The multicolor blue is stash, the purple, I recently got on clearance thinking it would be useful stash.  But it turned out there was not enough of the main color in the stash, so it was a lucky purchase.

3.  I made another pair of "Annie's Mittens", probably to donate.  It's based on La's hand size, though, so they may end up with her.  It is a variety of leftover sock yarn.  Other than the tangling and having to carry around 3-4 balls of yarn, this pattern/project is great.  They are captivating to knit since I am easily entertained by wanting to see what color will happen next and which colors will turn out to dominate the landscape.

charity mitten

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